Why Fly in a Helicopter

Benefits of Helicopters

As we are becoming busier, helicopters are become increasingly popular as a form of air travel. Helicopters travel further, are more comfortable for passengers. They are also more flexible than traditional forms of transport, providing fast, luxurious, unique, and remote landing locations allowing greater options during the flight.

The confines of a helicopter combined with the provision of larger windows, greater viewing opportunities, and the supply of headsets. Your flight is private and personal especially as you are able to chat with the pilot and other guests without the interruption of noise.  

A Different Prospective

Helicopter scenic flights give you a unique perspective compared to touring from the ground. Whether you take a Melbourne or a Geelong helicopter flight, around the surf coast or Mornington Peninsula, a bird’s eye view gives a totally different perspective. It opens the world, and allows you to experience so much more in a short amount of time.

Flying Low

As well as flying high for a large view, helicopters have the ability to descend much lower and slower than fixed-wing aircraft.
This ability allows passengers to witness multiple different scenic angles while in the helicopter.

Flying between mountains, along the beach, over the open plains, and around buildings is an experience like no other. Guests of a helicopter scenic flight are able to see the landscape in more detail and have the opportunity to see more, including wildlife, natural and man-made landmarks.

Land Anywhere

Due to the size and agility of a helicopter, they are able to land in places not available to other forms of transport, making helicopter the best form of travel allowing you to visit locations and attractions that are otherwise impossible to get too.

In regional Victoria, helicopter flights are an essential way to travel as you are able to witness amazing coastal rock formations, waterfalls, sea life, and architecture.
As well as remote places, helicopter accessibility enabling them to land on beach’s, paddocks, and wineries.


Flying in a helicopter is always a very exciting experience.
Their agility and speed get the adrenaline going. Romance is heightened when flying at sunset, making helicopters perfect for spoiling that loved one or perhaps a marriage proposal.

Private Helicopters

Mile High Australia helicopter flights are flown using the Robertson 44, Bell Jet Ranger, Squirrel, or EC-130 helicopters carrying between 2, and 6 passengers.
This number of people allows for a personalised experience, with the pilot giving commentary and the option for the passengers to ask questions and to have a conversation with the pilot.

Platinum Weddings and Transport

Planning your wedding and looking to make a big entrance worthy of the big day?
Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, great news. Mile High Australia is ready to make your big entrance that legends are made of, with luxurious helicopter Wedding Transfers.

Your arrival at your ceremony is incredibly important. Traditional transport such as Classic, vintage or muscle cars, or magic carpet…, maybe not magic carpets… is becoming quickly outdated. Regardless, the arrival at the ceremony sets the tone and conversations for years to come.

As you can imagine, arriving in a helicopter sets the scene and aids in making beautiful lifelong memories. the helicopter ride brings class, sophistication, and beautiful scenery.

Mile High Australia helicopters give you the opportunity to make a breathtaking entrance. Dazzle your guests, as you arrive at your wedding in your luxurious helicopter– make yourself feel like a prince or princess on your special day. Our team specialises in making you feel like royalty.

With Mile High Australia getting your helicopter charter is part of your special day. We can collect you and your wedding party by limousine, chauffeuring you to the helicopter in style, including beverages and plenty of photo opportunities with the helicopter, and you’re a wedding party before you depart.

Also, pose for photos in front of your wedding carriage with your family, friends, and groom to your heart’s content. Don’t forget the video footage captured during your flight and that your wedding carriage arriving at your venue.

 So, for a flying start to your married life and awe-inspiring entrance that will be the talk of your family and friends for years to come, contact us at Mile High Australia today. We look forward to doing our part to make your wedding day extra-special.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is one of special days when you spoil your father, expressing your love and affection.

2020 has been a total write off, between a summer of extreme fires and Corona Virus impacting our lives. Many people are suffering from isolation fatigue, others have been lucky to reside outside of the Melbourne area.

What are you doing for your Father. this Fathers Day. September is just around the corner. Consider gifting Dad a helicopter flight that he will never forget.

Mile High Australia is offering flights from a location near you. Wether it is from Geelong, Moorabbin or Essendon Airports we can help you with

  • Scenic Flights
  • Food and wine experiences
  • Golfing Experiences

Make this Fathers Day one Dad will never forget.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Growing up, every child needs a mother who understands them and loves them unconditionally.

The natural bond between the child and mother is a result of the nourishment and care she offers her child.

She is the one who bears her child inside for 9 whole months.

She endures all the pain and sacrifices her body to make a new life. Thus, it is the least that we can do to celebrate this phenomenal character is to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The love of a mother is pure and unadulterated. She does not have any selfish motives and offers the most unconditional love on earth. All mothers are no less than a miracle.

Those who grow up with loving mothers are a lucky lot as not everyone gets the same chance. They play the role of so many people that we often forget the struggle they are going through. It does not matter if she’s at work or at home, she always makes everything look effortless. It is a mother who cannot sleep when her child is ill or hurt.

Thus, it is important to recognise and appreciate her for all that she does for us. We often take our mothers for granted and forget her sacrifices. Nonetheless, that does not deter her from loving us. Mums support her children fiercely at every stage of life, no matter how old they get.

Times are tough at the moment with the State Government of Victoria restricting our movements through social distancing in order to protect us, our mums, and other loved ones against Corona Virus.

Nonetheless, treat your mum with a Mother’s Day gift that results in a day of relaxation, peace, and tranquility, building on her mental health and the love for Day Spas, wine, food, a beautiful environment, specialised romantic helicopter transport a perfect mothers day gift ideas.
On Behalf of Mile High Australia, we would like to wish all mums a happy Mother’s Day.

Mile High Australia Expands to Geelong

Geelong Waterfront
helicopter joy flight
Geelong Waterfront

Geelong Helicopter Flights

Over the last few months, Mile High Australia has been grounded due to COVID-19.

During this time the team at Mile High Australia has been hard at work to bring new and exciting helicopter joy flights, winery experiences, and helicopter flights.

We are proud to announce the inclusion of Geelong Helicopter flights, to our areas of operations.

This addition, adds to our home locations, Essendon and Moorabbin airports extending our reach and opportunities to fly to new and exciting locations.


Working towards our mission of ‘Making Memories’ this location is perfect for scenic flights, marriage proposals, Wedding transport, photo opportunities, and birthday celebrations.


Looking for something special, a getaway or perhaps you are getting married.

Helicopter Flights, charter, Bellarine Winery tours, Weddings, Elopements, and Aerial Photography are all services that are part of our professional portfolio.

Helicopter Charter has never been affordable.

Bespoke Wedding Transport


Fun Fact

Did you know that we can provide you helicopters from the Geelong Waterfront, Essendon and Moorabbin Airports,

We can have you married aboard the helicopter landing or an elopement at a winery, on the snow or a location of your choice.

All we need is a suitable landing area and permission from the landowner.

Consider Mile High Australia for your Wedding transport. We would love to be a part of your special day, Making Memories.

Want to make a statement at your wedding? Arriving or leaving your wedding reception in a helicopter, is without a doubt the way to do it.

Forget the limousine or wedding car. Helicopters provide that WOW factor.
There are many different types and sizes of the helicopter. Which one is right for your wedding will depend on the number of people you wish to fly.

Many couples like to take their wedding photographer as well, to capture those unique moments in the air. During the decision-making process, make a phone call, talk to us about your thoughts, the location of your wedding, and how you may want the helicopter to be present.

Do you want the helicopter for photos? What about the cost? I have herd helicopters are expensive. The cost of the helicopter is based upon flying time. This is calculated on the size of the helicopter, and flying time which starts from the point of origin back to the point of origin.