Make the Season Special

Santa is coming to town this Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving. Regardless of your own religion, the meaning of spending time with family and friends and the giving of gifts cannot be replicated.

Given the year that 2020 and 2021 was, Santa will be visiting the suburbs of Melbourne by helicopter 

He will be traveling by helicopter to maximise time and the number of people he can meet. 

School and Community Visits

Have Santa visit your school or Community event this festive season. Arriving by helicopter Santa is available to meet the students, work colleagues, or attend your family or community function.

Santa is a man of many talents, not only does he have the physical presence to put smiles on the hardened person but he also sings. All Santa requires is a suitable public address system and backing tracks.

Get in quick to book your Santa visit NOW!

What about Christmas presents

Would you like Santa to hand out presents?

Perhaps lolly bags for the children. We can either arrange gifts for you or have Santa hand them out.

Just let us know and we would love to help out.

How do I book or get a quote for Santa

Contact us to discuss options, prices, etc. But, please get in quick to secure Santa.

Have a last-minute request? please reach out. If we can help we will.

Contact us for Information of bookings

1300 737 819
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