Santa is Coming to Town

Given the year that 2020 was. Santa is visiting the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Due to the late notice, he can only give us one day at each location.

Santa will be travelling by helicopter to maximise time and the amount of people he can meet.

Click on the links below for location details, prices and bookings.

Helicopter charter

Santa School and community Visits

Santa Claus is looking for ways of meeting everyone this year. He would love to visit your school, office, family, or group party via Helicopter.

The current COVID pandemic and restrictions of groups and indoor /outdoor activities have taken a toll on us all emotionally and physically.

Based on the relaxation of restrictions Santa Claus and his Elf would love to visit you to spread the Christmas cheer.

What about Christmas Presents

Would you like Santa Claus to hand out Christmas Presents? perhaps some Lolly bags. Santa can provide you with a range of gifts, hand out yours, or just wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

How do I organise a Santa Visit?

Contact us at or call us on (03) 9221-6271 for pricing, availability and landing requirements.
You can use our Santa or yours if this suites.

Talk to us about booking your Santa visit today

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