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Phillip Island Penguin Tours

Penguin Tour and Helicopter Flights

Phillip Island is home to the little penguins (fairy penguins). Known as the smallest penguins in the world the little penguins have a significant colony located on the Island making the penguin parade a perfect sightseeing and guided tour.

This colony is unique as it is one of the only found in Australia where you can watch the penguins waddle from the surf, taking the journey on land to their burrows.

Your tour is unique and special as it offers you only the best in transfers to Phillip Island and returns to Melbourne, Car transfers to the penguin parade, and your personal guided sightseeing tour provided by the rangers for the penguin parade.

All you need to worry about is accommodation and meals.

Tour Inclusions

  • Private Helicopter Transfers to Phillip Island and return
  • Car transfers from helicopter landing to your accommodation, and to and from Your Penguin Tour
  • Guided Ranger sightseeing Tour (Fri, Sat, Sun evenings)
  • Suitable for people 12 years or older
  • Flight time 40 minutes

Helicopter Flights

Your private helicopter is luxurious. Provided with a boot space your helicopter can accommodate overnight bags, small luggage, and walking aids. With sightseeing tours in mind, your views are generally unobstructed.

Your flights are priced to return to Moorabbin. Tell us when you want to return home. Stay overnight or perhaps the weekend. The only consideration is your helicopter can’t fly at night nor can it fly in bad weather.

Scheduled to depart and return to Moorabbin airport your departure and return points can be adjusted to suit your needs. Talk to our staff about your thoughts and how we can accommodate your needs.

Penguin Sightseeing Tour

Your Penguin parade tour has been perfectly constructed by Park rangers to give you the best advantage points. Combined with your personal headsets your guided tour is personal and informative.

Package Prices

4+$1000 p/person
Flights are subject to weather conditions, tour, and helicopter availability

Contact us for Bookings or Information

1300 737 819
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