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Yarra Valley Wineries

Each Yarra Valley Winery has a unique experience to offer. Whether it is through its diverse style of cooking. Commencing, with its classic but fresh wines, or its scenery compelling you to relax and enjoy the spectacular views treat yourself with a bespoke winery tour by Mile High Australia.

No other region in the world can boast consistent quality found in this highly regarded and awarded range of wines. Which includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Yarra Valley Shiraz.

And with plenty of prestigious Wineries, there’s a winery tour experience for everyone in the Yarra Valley.

Famous for its wine, the Yarra Valley is a top spot for all other forms of beverage, from world-renowned distilleries to first-class breweries and cideries.


An abundance of first-class dining venues in the Yarra Valley reflects the innovation that drives its winemaking. From field to the plate each venue predominately features local ingredients. Finally, a combination of traditional but progressive cooking bringing you a unique experience via fresh authentic cuisine.

Each Yarra Valley restaurant leaves you with a little something that keeps bringing you back for more.

Getting to the Yarra Valley

Getting to the Yarra Valley from Melbourne can be an exhaustive process. The team at Mile High Australia has your transport and winery tour covered. With bespoke helicopter flights from a range of airports and helipads in and around Melbourne.

Did you know that Mile High Australia offers door-to-door service and private bespoke helicopter experiences to the majority of wineries in the Yarra Valley?

Frequently visited venues include: (click on the links for prices or further information)

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