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Genders Reveals are Currently on Hold until Further notice

As expecting parents your pregnancy announcement and finding out the gender of your child is an exciting experience.

The point of a gender reveal is not just to learn something new about a growing but as yet unknowable life — it’s to make a spectacle. Like all kinds of social media challenges, gender reveals are made to be recorded. if you’re going to really go for it, it would be wasteful to confine that viewing experience to those who can be there in person

Where can I hold a Pregnancy Announcement and Gender Reveal?

Using a helicopter for a gender reveal can provide some challenges. Many people ask about a particular location, beaches, public parks or over my house are all great locations. While they do provide us some challenges they are generally not insurmountable.

Many people ask if we have some locations that support us and make it a simpler process. The answer is yes, we work closely with a few venues who support us and the use of helicopters.
Our team at Mile High Australia can support you with some great baby reveal ideas.

How much is a gender reveal?

The price of each reveal party varies in size, location and requirements.
Each baby announcement is priced on helicopter flight time, permit costs (if required), and of course the colour.

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How does it work?

To properly plan your gender reveal party we need as much time as possible as risk assessments are required, and permits may need to be applied for.

What type of powder do we use

We source the powder from a local reputable supplier. The product is corn starch based that is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Further information and pricing

We hold love to hear from you to discuss your pregnancy announcement and reveal party individual requirements.
Our team is waiting to take your call

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