Helicopter Fleet

Below is a representation of the fleet available for charter. Each helicopter has its own limitations, be it weight, range, size, or boot space.
We recommend that you talk to our team about your plans. Who will recommend the right helicopter for your needs?


Robinson 44

The Robinson 44 is a boutique, quaint helicopter that is perfect for small groups or romantic getaways.

Seating Capacity – 4 including Pilot

Cruise Speed – 80 knots


Bell 206 Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is the perfect helicopter for small groups for a weekend getaway or a day trip where you need boot space.

Seating Capacity – 4 including pilot

Cruise Speed – 80 knots


AS-350 ‘Squirrel’

The AS-350 Squirrel is a fast, nimble helicopter that is perfect for mid-size groups, It has plenty of legroom, boot space, and power to match.

Seating Capacity- 6 including Pilot

Cruise speed -120 knots


Airbus EC-120

The EC-120 Is a fast, boutique helicopter that is nimble, quiet, perfect for mid-size groups, and has plenty of boot space.

Seating Capacity – 5 Including Pilot

Cruising speed – 120 knots


Airbus EC-130

The EC-130 is the limousine of the skies. It is fast, nimble, perfect for large size groups, and has plenty of boot space.

Seating Capacity – 7 including Pilot

Cruising Speed – 120 knots

Augusta AW109

Augusta 109

The AW109 is the Hummer limousine of the skies, it is perfect for larger size groups, with everyone facing each other. It has twin engines making it rated for flying at night and in bad weather.
Seating Capacity – 7 including the Pilot
Cruising Speed – 150 knots

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