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Avalon Airport Transfers

Take a luxurious helicopter flight to and from Avalon Airport with an Air Taxi from Mile High Australia. The tyranny of distance can make getting to or from Avalon Airport can be just as challenging if not more challenging as Uber, taxis and Shuttle buses are subject to traffic. The traffic getting into Avalon Airport can be horrific at the best of times.

Imagine getting off your flight and stepping onto your private luxurious helicopter?

Where to from here? your options are endless.

Perhaps you are traveling to Warnambool? perhaps Ballarat, Bendigo, or Hamilton?

Don’t spend countless hours on the road, We can help you get to or from the airport quickly.

No Airport Parking Required
Gets you home quicker
Suitable for all ages
Flights at a time that suits you

Approximate Travel Time by Air taxi to Avalon Airport

FromFixed WingHelicopterRoad
Melbourne CityNot available20 minutes40 minutes
Warrnambool30 minutes50 minutes2 hrs 25 minutes
Hamilton45 minutes60 minutes2 hrs 47 minutes
Ballarat20 minutes30 minutes1 hr 20 minutes
Bendigo40 minutes60 minutes2 hrs 20 minutes
Flight and road times are approximate and are subject to congestion and weather

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