Fact and Questions – Doctrine

Facts and Questions

Can my flight fly in all types of weather?

he answer is no. Your safety as the safety of the pilot is paramount. In addition to flight rules your flight may be postponed or cancelled due to bad weather.

We watch the weather intensely, providing our guests with weather forecasts that have provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. We encourage or guests to do the same.
If the cloud is low, or thunderstorms are on the forecast this weather has the potential to ground the helicopter.

if your flight is impacted by weather we will either reschedule or cancel the flight.

The answer is yes. With the following provisions

  1. The child must either be able to sit on your lap without obstructing your exit in the case of any emergency
  2. The child can sit in a seat on there own without assistance

The answer is no. But, with some restrictions.

Some wineries or events may have a minimum age rule. This will impact the age of our guests flying.

All of our flights are private charters. Meaning the only people onboard are people you know.

On the very odd occasion, we may advertise mixed flights, but this is not the norm.

Mile High Australia has a COVID Policy and Safety Plan. These documents are listed below and available for you to read.

We take your and our staff’s health as a priority. After each flight, we clean the helicopter and replace the disposable ear cup and microphone covers,

We also encourage everyone to wash their hands prior and after the flight and enforce the Chief Health Officers guidelines.