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Yarra Valley Wine Tour

A Yarra Valley wine tour in any season is an awesome experience. And a must do to escape from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne. 

Located in the north-central part of the greater Melbourne area is one of Australia’s most coveted wine countries, the Yarra Valley. A wine tour of the Yarra Valley should definitely be a part of your itinerary.

Must visit Wineries

A couple of must visit wineries is Zonzo Estate, and Balgownie Estate Winery. Be prepared to encounter the culinary heaven of Australia, filled with wine, cheese, and perfectly prepared, cooked, and served meals.

Yarra valley wine tour
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Locally grown and harvested grapes, are turned into Melbourne’s finest wines.
Regardless of your liking the wine makers have done amazing things with the crops year after year.

Yarra Valley by Helicopter

There is only one way to see the Yarra Valley, by Helicopter.
The aerial sites, sophistication and time savings of a helicopter far out ways that of car or bus.

Your flight from Melbourne is a quick 20 minutes. Try either one or multiple wineries in a day. The speed and ability to land on the grounds of a winery is an experience second to none.

Your Experience

Your experience starts with chauffeured collection from your door. The short trip to the airport where your private helicopter awaits. This is your chariot for the day.

The conclusion sees your chauffeured car collect you from the airport, returning you home safely and without the concern of drink driving.

Further Information or bookings

Contact us either via email via [email protected] or telephone on (03) 9221 6271 to discuss and help you plan your Yarra. Valley winery experience.
The team at Mile High Australia are awaiting your call.

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Yarra valley wine tour


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