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At Mile High, we believe that for the truly special occasions in life. It’s all about creating memories that last a lifetime. Our scenic tours and Melbourne tour packages are carefully curated giving you and your loved ones the experience of a lifetime. Here are some reasons why we are so passionate about helicopter adventures in Australia.

Enjoy Unique, Spectacular Views

There isn’t a mountain high enough to match up to the breathtaking views when flying above the ground. Our experienced and highly skilled helicopter adventure pilots ensure that you can take it all in, while taking your time as they hover and turn at all the right spots, so you can fully appreciate the stunning Melbourne city tours. 

Helicopters are a Unique Flying Experience

Most people experience the miracle of flight only in commercial airplanes which are designed to shut out the elements and get you to your destination quickly. Helicopters are a completely different experience as they can move in four different directions and even hover in one spot. Experience the thrill of flight as it was meant to be, with all the sights, sounds, and where you go and how long you linger in your favourite spot. 

Helicopter Tours and Charters for a Fresh Prospective

A helicopter charter is not just for tourists. At Mile High, many of our customers are residents of Melbourne who want to shake things up and experience the world they know so well from a completely different perspective. Our scenic helicopter tours are a popular way to fall in love with your city again. Behold the majesty of Melbourne by sitting high above and taking it all in.    

Premium Helicopter Adventures in Melbourne

Since 2019, Mile High has led the way in curating the most unique helicopter tourism experiences in Victoria. Whether you’re looking for that next big adventure, helicopter services, we have the skill, and experience to adapt to your every need. Contact us today for more information.

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