Helicopter Charter

Why a Helicopter Charter?

A Helicopter Charter with Mile High Australia allows you to reserve a spot in a private helicopter in Melbourne for tours, transport, or fun. Whether you’re traveling for business or taking a holiday, a helicopter charter is a direct line to where you need to be.

This allows you to explore the skies, sights and reach your destination fast, in style, and miss all the traffic and headaches of road traffic. With so much to be gained from a private helicopter, it’s easy to understand why this service can’t be matched.

Helicopter charter
Helicopter in Melbourne

Receive VIP Treatment

If we may, for a moment, let’s all stop pretending and say what we’re all thinking. Booking a helicopter charter will make you feel like the most important person in the world.

Helicopter in Melbourne

The VIP treatment can’t be understated. It should appear on any list of reasons to fly anywhere by private chopper. And it makes sense.

This is a form of transport that revolves around you. Cut through long lines of people waiting at the taxi rank, Pass over traffic and pedestrians, quickly and efficiently, literally above it all.

When you charter a private helicopter, you are looked after and treated like a celebrity, You’ll take off from your hanger, isolated from the main commercial airline terminal.

Amenities are also first class, with everything from complimentary bars and snacks to a personal chauffeured service.

Make an Impression

Going hand in hand with the vanity benefits of VIP treatment is the effect your arrival has in a private helicopter in Melbourne will have on others.

You know what they say: first impressions last.

This has big potential benefits for people in industries where impressing clients or partners leads to more business. Don’t be too quick to brush it off – arriving by helicopter at your business event sends a clear message that you’re willing to invest money to get the job done.

What’s interesting is the shift towards cheaper chartering that is putting more people in choppers than ever before. And not everybody knows about it.

More and more, helicopter operators are opening up spare seats on flights to passengers who might not otherwise be able to afford them. And the rates are great because the spaces would otherwise go unused.

Look into local charters, even if you think the flight would cost too much. Many of them run sales throughout the year and will be willing to discuss rates with you, at the very least.

Then go out and make a statement.

Land at your Door Step

One of the biggest pluses is the ability to land with little space in which to do it.

A lot of this has to do with the way these aircraft take off. Without the need for a long runway or to gather much speed, a helicopter has less to fear from heavy winds, rain or snow. They might not always be able to take off, but they can get more done than an airplane in an emergency.

They’re also excellent for maneuvering around a city. For those living in high rise cities who need to get around to high-rise locations, helicopters are a no-brainer.

Better Sights

Our final point, today, is focused on the fun of a chartered helicopter service.

There is, quite simply, no better way to see your city than hovering over it in a helicopter. Large windows and the ability to stay in one place mean your pilot can take you to where you want to be, stay in place and let you take as many pictures as you want.

Because you’re in such close proximity to your pilot, chartered services include headsets, allowing them to talk to you. This is invaluable in allowing them room to explain where you are, how they’re flying, and what they’re doing

What’s Stopping You!

A helicopter ride is, quite simply, the fastest, most fun, most convenient way to get from where you are to where you need to be.

And with so many different ways to secure a seat in one, there’s really no reason to not be flying high above it all, right now.

Are you someone with a keen interest in luxury travel? Check out some of our articles on VIP travel, or get in touch with us for comprehensive concierge, airport priority, and charter services.

Adventure Helicopter Flights

Paintball and Go-Kart Helicopter Flights

Make the perfect party extra special, by arriving at your paintball experience by the addition of a private helicopter flight.

Get an added advantage over the rest of the team by scoping out the war zone by the air before the games begin. Or just add class and sophistication to your party transport.

Tell me more.

Your bucks or birthday party should start with a private helicopter flight from either Moorabbin or Barwon Heads Airport.

Imagine flying into a party with some of your closest friends or family, discussing tactics before you land. Make the helicopter flight more special by taking the doors off, have the wind blow through your hair.

Add some Go Pro footage of both inside and external to the helicopter. Making this the best party ever.

How many people can fly?

We can cater to most groups large or small. Depending on your numbers each helicopter can seat between 1 and 6 people.

Helicopter flight

Can We land at any Paintball venue?

Unfortunately, not all venues are suitable for helicopters. We do currently fly into a couple of venues around Melbourne and Geelong.

World Series Paintball Centre (Paintball) in Little River and Lemans Entertainment Centre (both Go-Karts and Paintball) in Dandenong South are suitable.

Do you have another venue? Give us a call to discuss the venue. We will check it out and we will see what we can do.


Contact us on 9221 6271 or email us at info@milehighaustralia.com.au for pricing and availability.

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Put a Smile on your Dial this Christmas

Helicopter flight

Santa wants to come to town

2020 is a year of records, broken records.

Commencing with major fires right across Australia and Victoria, through to a pandemic that has swept across the world.

Since March, Victorian’s have seen more of the inside of our homes and our families that what many would like. If you have lucky enough to been employed in an industry deemed ‘ Essential’ you’ve managed to socialise with others, kept away from homeschooling, and the boredom of free to air and paid TV.

A few Months Away

Christmas is just around the corner, What! I hear you say. Wasn’t Christmas 2019 only a few weeks ago.

Well, Mile High Australia has been in talks with Santa, the man himself about coming to our schools, office. family, and community parties.

While he is a little concerned with world affairs We have managed to convince him, Mrs. Claus, and the Elfs (People and Culture and the Work Health and Safety Team) that all is safe in Melbourne. He has a copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan, and risk assessment and is happy to visit us Melbournians prior to Christmas eve. We just need to book him quickly.

How safe due to COVID with Helicopter Flight

Our helicopter flights only operate in the confines of the recommendations provided by the Chief Health Officer. Additionally, our COVID Safe Plan provides detail on the operations and actions taken. by our team. Also, before Santa makes the trip he has a few not negotiables.

  1. Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, and the Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton gives him the all-clear (Santa doesn’t want a fine)
  2. He is transported by a Melbourne Helicopter charter, ensuring he can get around to people in a timely a safe manner.
  3. We all abide by the safety guidelines in place and the COVID-19 Safety Plan.

We got this Covered, Let’s get Santa into Melbourne, Geelong and surrounds.

Does your School, Company, Community Group, or Council want to see Santa this Christmas? Lets put a smile on everyone’s face and spread some Christmas Cheer. Be-it a COVID Christmas.

Talk to our team about Santa packages with our helicopter charter and how we can safely put smiles on faces and finish 2020 on a high.

Ph: (03) 9221 6271 or email info@milehighaustralia.com.au

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Mile High Australia Expands to Geelong

Geelong Waterfront
helicopter joy flight
Geelong Waterfront

Geelong Helicopter Flights

Over the last few months, Mile High Australia has been grounded due to COVID-19.

During this time the team at Mile High Australia has been hard at work to bring new and exciting helicopter joy flights, winery experiences, and helicopter flights.

We are proud to announce the inclusion of Geelong Helicopter flights, to our areas of operations.

This addition, adds to our home locations, Essendon and Moorabbin airports extending our reach and opportunities to fly to new and exciting locations.


Working towards our mission of ‘Making Memories’ this location is perfect for scenic flights, marriage proposals, Wedding transport, photo opportunities, and birthday celebrations.


Looking for something special, a getaway or perhaps you are getting married.

Helicopter Flights, charter, Bellarine Winery tours, Weddings, Elopements, and Aerial Photography are all services that are part of our professional portfolio.

Helicopter Charter has never been affordable.

Bespoke Wedding Transport


Fun Fact

Did you know that we can provide you helicopters from the Geelong Waterfront, Essendon and Moorabbin Airports,

We can have you married aboard the helicopter landing or an elopement at a winery, on the snow or a location of your choice.

All we need is a suitable landing area and permission from the landowner.

Consider Mile High Australia for your Wedding transport. We would love to be a part of your special day, Making Memories.

Want to make a statement at your wedding? Arriving or leaving your wedding reception in a helicopter, is without a doubt the way to do it.

Forget the limousine or wedding car. Helicopters provide that WOW factor.
There are many different types and sizes of the helicopter. Which one is right for your wedding will depend on the number of people you wish to fly.

Many couples like to take their wedding photographer as well, to capture those unique moments in the air. During the decision-making process, make a phone call, talk to us about your thoughts, the location of your wedding, and how you may want the helicopter to be present.

Do you want the helicopter for photos? What about the cost? I have herd helicopters are expensive. The cost of the helicopter is based upon flying time. This is calculated on the size of the helicopter, and flying time which starts from the point of origin back to the point of origin.