Victorian Snowfields

The winter of 2022 is looking like the best Victoria Snow season in decades.

Victoria’s alpine snow region is the place to be this winter. Snow has fallen on the mountain tops making it a prime escape from the hustle of the big city, whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, tobogganer or first timer. 

Victoria is blessed with three major alpine resorts to choose from, including bur not limited to Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, or Falls Creek. So how do you decide where to visit? or how to get there? The team at Mile High Australia has the best transportation and deals to get you onto Victoria’s alpine resorts.

Getting to the snow could not be easier with private one way or day trips to the Victorian snowfields via helicopter.

Getting to Mt Hotham

Getting to Mt Buller

Getting to Falls Creek

  • Mount Buller, Helicopter Charter, Victorian Snowfields, Mount Hotham
  • Mount Buller, Victorian Snowfields, Helicopter charter

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