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Easter is most truly special when we celebrate it by giving the gift of love to those who need it most.

– Ruth Carter Stapleton

Great Ideas

Easter will soon be here. Time together with friends, family and work colleges has been very light on. Christmas, although only a couple o away feels like it was so long ago.

What are you doing this year? maybe an egg hunt? perhaps a bbq at a park? or just a get together to celebrate spending time with everyone.

Getting the Easter Bunny to You!

The Easter holiday is a time of being thankful, for some people it is religious, for others a time to spend with family. Every year we are looking for ideas to put smiles on the children. And yes, even the big kids.

Have you ever considered having the Easter Bunny attend your get together? This year have the Easter Bunny delivered by a helicopter flight.

The easter bunny can do some wonderfull things. Consider having eggs dropped outside the helicopter prior to landing. Or perhaps have the bunny hand eggs out to the kids, or even help the kids find easter eggs that have been previously hidden.

Do you any other ideas? let its know. If we can do it we will.

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