Yarra Valley By Helicopter

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

A Yarra Valley wine tour in any season is an awesome experience. And a must do to escape from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne. 

Located in the north-central part of the greater Melbourne area is one of Australia’s most coveted wine countries, the Yarra Valley. A wine tour of the Yarra Valley should definitely be a part of your itinerary.

Must visit Wineries

A couple of must visit wineries is Zonzo Estate, and Balgownie Estate Winery. Be prepared to encounter the culinary heaven of Australia, filled with wine, cheese, and perfectly prepared, cooked, and served meals.

Yarra valley wine tour
Melbourne Wine tours

Locally grown and harvested grapes, are turned into Melbourne’s finest wines.
Regardless of your liking the wine makers have done amazing things with the crops year after year.

Yarra Valley by Helicopter

There is only one way to see the Yarra Valley, by Helicopter.
The aerial sites, sophistication and time savings of a helicopter far out ways that of car or bus.

Your flight from Melbourne is a quick 20 minutes. Try either one or multiple wineries in a day. The speed and ability to land on the grounds of a winery is an experience second to none.

Your Experience

Your experience starts with chauffeured collection from your door. The short trip to the airport where your private helicopter awaits. This is your chariot for the day.

The conclusion sees your chauffeured car collect you from the airport, returning you home safely and without the concern of drink driving.

Further Information or bookings

Contact us either via email via info@milehighaustralia.com.au or telephone on (03) 9221 6271 to discuss and help you plan your Yarra. Valley winery experience.
The team at Mile High Australia are awaiting your call.

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Yarra valley wine tour

Skies The Limits

Helicopter Charter Melbourne

Skies are the limits

Ever heard the words ” The world is your oyster”? I hope so, or, this story is going to be short-lived.

Every day in our lives we live to work, or, should it read work to live?

For those living in Victoria, the current pandemic has challenged the way we think, work, react, and live. Everyday luxuries are what we all used to enjoy, are now figments of our imaginations.

Consider this, Helicopter flights Melbourne are a simple yet sophisticated, classy, exotic, and luxurious way to travel.

Consider once we are all are allowed out to play what are going to do?

Helicopter joy flights over Melbourne or Geelong are a great way to spoil ourselves, do something that we have not done before, perhaps even give us a chance to propose marriage.


Then there are the wineries, everyone loves wine, right!

What about adding a helicopter joy flight as your travel plans with friends and family as a travel option to a Victorian winery.

Helicopter Charter Flights

This helicopter charter company provides two tours, both departing from Barwon Heads Airport, the first one can be described as a coastal tour.

You and your group will take a Great Ocean Road helicopter flight around Baron’s heads to Aireys Inlet. Flying over the shores of Torquay before cruising over the world-renowned Bells Beach and Point Addis; you’ll then circle the beautiful Anglesea and finish off with a trip through the sensational Aireys Inlet.

A beautiful trip to take with your partner, family, or clients, whatever occasion a sea view makes everything better.

The second Geelong package offered by this Australia helicopter company starts with a flight to the nautical delight that is Bellarine Peninsula; you will then take a trip over Geelong and the Geelong waterfront before moving onto Barwon Heads and finishing off with Geelong’s iconic sports grounds and architecture.

An incredible trip to take for any local or visitor, showcasing Australia’s landscapes and history from up above.

Melbourne Helicopter Tours

The Melbourne helicopter flight package is another great offering from this Australia helicopter company. You will start your tour off at Moorabbin Airport and first visit the Bayside Beaches and Marina’s; soar over Melbourne’s iconic sporting grounds; bask in the glory of the city landscapes and architecture; you will then visit St.kilda and beaches before heading over the Historical Shrine of Remembrance and the Eureka Tower; finishing off with a few more stops before landing back at Moorabbin Airport.

An incredible tour to experience Australia to the fullest, fly over this incredible continent, and truly take in all its magic. Mile High Australia wants to ensure your special day is even better by taking it to the skies.

Geelong Helicopter flight
Geelong Waterfront

Helicopter Tours: Food, Wineries and Day Spas

Helicopter tours: Food, Wineries and Day Spas

Never Miss Out on a Great Opportunity
If you’re looking to spoil someone close to you, or even yourself, then take that experience With a Melbourne helicopter charter for a Melbourne winery tour.

If you’re getting married soon and are looking for the right way to celebrate your final few days with the girls, or you want to have a bender with the boys, a Melbourne winery tour combined with a and Melbourne helicopter charter is a great option for either.

Maybe you are wanting to celebrate your tenth anniversary with your beloved and want to make it truly special, why not book a wine and spa tour to enjoy together, on top of a scenic ride around in a private helicopter.

Whatever the occasion is, it’s likely best celebrated above the rest of the world with a Melbourne helicopter tour. Mile High Australia offers an incredible list of packages, including a wide variety of activities, for you to enjoy. Get some rest and relaxation with the day spa treatments, or get plastered on the winery tour.

Don’t worry, you won’t be the one driving, or should we say flying, home. Let’s take a look at some of the packages, and finer. details, you can expect to choose from.

Where to on your helicopter tours?

Some of the helicopter tours you can choose from are the Yarra Valley Winery tour, Bellarine Peninsula tour, or the West and South Gippsland tour, among many other options.

If you are considering the Yarra Valley Winery tour then you will have two options to select from, either the Zonzo Estate winery and the Balgownie Estate winery.

The first includes helicopter transfer flights to and from the winery; a scenic flight; two glasses of Zonzo wine or beer; an Italian share menu offering Antipasti, Pizza, and Agnello Arrosto E Insalata.

The other Yarra Valley Winery tour, the Balgownie edition, offers helicopter transfer flights to and from the winery; a scenic flight; two glasses of Balgownie wine or beer; a picnic hamper; and the option of a 3hr rejuvenation spa treatment.

Aside from the Yarra Valley Winery tour options, you can also choose the West and South Gippsland tour at Brandy Creek Estate Winery and Day Spa which entails transfer flights; day spa for two including Hammam Steam Room and a Full Body Massage or facial; 2 glasses of Brandy Creeks wine or beer; and a 3-course Tapas lunch.

There are seven packages to choose from, some more focused on food, some more focused on the spa, and a lot of wine in between. Italian food, waterfalls, beautiful venues, massages, and more.

Choosing the best package for you

No matter which package you go with, you are sure to have an incredible experience and get your money’s worth. You are able to customize your packages to add more people and enjoy interest-free payment plans for up to eight weeks.

Be sure to contact Mile High Australia to get full details and discuss any questions or requests you may have.

Whether the West and South Gippsland tour or the Jack Rabbit vineyard tour; revive the body, mind, and soul with Mile High Australia melbourne helicopter charter

You can learn more about the packages offers and book your Helicopter Food and Wine Experience today.

Mile High Australia Expands to Geelong

Geelong Waterfront
helicopter joy flight
Geelong Waterfront

Geelong Helicopter Flights

Over the last few months, Mile High Australia has been grounded due to COVID-19.

During this time the team at Mile High Australia has been hard at work to bring new and exciting helicopter joy flights, winery experiences, and helicopter flights.

We are proud to announce the inclusion of Geelong Helicopter flights, to our areas of operations.

This addition, adds to our home locations, Essendon and Moorabbin airports extending our reach and opportunities to fly to new and exciting locations.


Working towards our mission of ‘Making Memories’ this location is perfect for scenic flights, marriage proposals, Wedding transport, photo opportunities, and birthday celebrations.


Looking for something special, a getaway or perhaps you are getting married.

Helicopter Flights, charter, Bellarine Winery tours, Weddings, Elopements, and Aerial Photography are all services that are part of our professional portfolio.

Helicopter Charter has never been affordable.